Saturday, September 05, 2009

Buh...beee....where am i??

Ok ....that felt scary...
what the hell??

Rafaga en clave de RE

One thing to consider, my dear twilight knight...
is that we have a similar purpose...
we both protect the same crown...
we both protect the same crown...
we both protect the same crown...
our methods may differ
but the techniques have the same


We both protect the same crown...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Wait a minute....

WHAT the HELL was that all about???


Thou art the moon's sharpest blade...
thou art the toungue that vanquishes her ills.
Does thou not see the revelations?
thine blade shimmers with my light
as does her veil...
in thy crusade against i
has thou not noticed you are fighting
on both sides?
Ye hath become a knight of twilight
One from Artemis, One from Apollo
Ye protect both, seek a balance between.
So inner skies may shimmer peaceful
thy souls may find truth.
Negotiations with the core
Meridians drink the ocean
Sheath thy steel for now...
It is a time for contemplation.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


I recommend not having a job that requires a lot of stitting down.
it makes you yearn for long lush valleys where the feet may freely roam...
it makes you wish you were somewhere else at the time.
It reminds you that sometimes all work and no play makes an artist into a victim of his own art.

It's nice to dettach and go out every once in a while. Breathe some fresh air...
My ass hurts and i feel like jumping around...

Although...i do get a lot of good stuff written...draw a little...write lyrics...
But i'm starting to see flaws in my metric...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Revelation 2:22

I just noticed something... ....much?????

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Boom! Ladies and Gentlemen!

Notice all these things i've written?
would you believe me if i told you
i've written them for no one?
Maybe i. Just me. For Myself.
That's right... everything from the start.
I've been writing for... me, me, me.
That girl doesn't exist...she's just a fantasy.
This vault is a dreamscape into another dimension
where she exists...she whom is me, but perfectly contrary.
Is this starting to make sense to you?
Because it did for me a while back.
Have you understood why it is so difficult for me to react to this?
Seeing as if she knows my weakness and hits me with it.
Do you understand no one has been able to fill the shoes
of the mystical maiden with so many names...?
Oh i know she's real...

Of friendship. (En tributo a George Mcfly)

As much as she knows you
I know you just as well
Just as much, but only contrary
You're my brother, the one that's been my friend throughout
this entire decade, the one that people mistake for me.
The one that's leaving for Florida come next month
to seek his fate far from this little island of redundance.
You're a reflection of our fighting and debating and even
being split over a girl, over 2 girls... making up because
in the end we are brothers...and i have to say goodbye.
So all of sudden you come in and your argument sounds just about the same
only creepier, only darker, only female. You're one of the Moon's knights
when the sun's knights decide to sit this one out because they're too busy
remaking their lives. I can be you for a second, just enough to understand
i know you already, the doodler, you helped me craft a lot of things when all i had were words
colors, paint and a lot of social spreading. The vase with the funny hat, the vase with the glasses on. Oh these two worlds....

Here's a tribute to the original Radioheader: "Orange juice, Orange Juice, Orange Juice" = "The rain drops, The rain Drops", The original Bjorker, The original Mr.-made-me-listen-to-music-i-didn't-like-because-it-wasn't-metal-enough monger, has his picture taken with anybody, knows everybody, gets by on his happy sense of self and others, mr. can only be his true self when he's with us, only with us, fashionable as no one, my friends: George McFly and Charly Brown.

Ironically friendlier than i
Moon, do you notice how funny this is?

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Trust me, i've been fine.
I've had fun, and i've learned a lot
expanded my mind. Evolved. Sought inner peace.
Found it. You could say i remembered who i was
and i've become who i am supposed to be.
I found me.

It doesn't necesarily mean i've been happy this whole time, because i admit it, i felt cold
and i've dissapointed (and damaged) more than a few people that tried to play "savior" with me.

I know me now. I know my place. What i'm supposed to do. Where i'm headed.
Although it may all seem displaced at this point because i am barely at the point of

I'm sorry if i'm way too honest for my own good...but that's one thing i've always been.
Fucking honest. Even when it hurts.

Sometimes i forget how nice i can be, how sugary coated and sweet. Charlie reminds me when i'm being too much of a bastard that i am deep down....not much of a bastard after all...because despite the darkness i've had to cut through... as you can imagine someone with a High Priestess ...which one was it?? the one that awakens what is dead within people?? Judgement? lol... i can't remember...

I'm a just a man...a flesh robot.

But ....if i'm an ordinary flesh and blood robot like all of them...then it is my duty to reach superhumanity, constantly evolving. Knowing deep down that my path lay right in front of me and my faith is un-killable. I don't claim to be perfect...i never was....i just know what i felt, that's what i went along with...til the end.

I'm not a monster...and it's not what i want to be...i am an animal just like all of you...
a creature of fire and ice. Mist and dust. I'm not death although i take the death card often, switching between one wave and the next...hoping that the next one lead me to where i want to go....luckily i've learned a thing or two about grabbing a tidal wave by it's liquid throat and directing it wherever i want.

I am change seeking settlement i suppose
That's what's destiny is.

Hopefully it leads to being filthy rich and capable of doing just about anything. I do believe i can.
Do you?